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Office Cleaning

How important is it for your premises to be cleaned, EVERY time, to agreed standards - GUARANTEED

... with no involvement from you whatsoever? Call 01344238000 or Email to find out how you can arrive to an Immaculate Office Every Single Day of the Week!

Increase Productivity With Office Cleaning

Employee productivity, wellbeing and happiness all depend on an excellent workplace environment and healthy working relationships. Whilst many employers might shrug off the importance of office cleaning in Berkshire, they wouldn’t if they realised the impact it can have on their business and staff! Read on to find out why employee productivity is significantly improved when commercial cleaning services are utilised and contact Robocleaning for all your cleaning needs!

How Can A Clean Office Improve Employee Productivity?

Since our productivity at work is very much relative to our overall happiness and health, there are numerous positive effects of a cleaner, better maintained workplace. Not only can a more organised, uncluttered office improve safety and streamline business processes, professional cleaners can also help to motivate staff by providing every employee with a clean and safe place to work.

Messy, cluttered desks don’t motivate anyone to do their best work, and unclean, stained computers and other electrical devices aren’t very inviting either. With improved cleanliness standards - including sparkling windows that allow for more natural light to enter into the office, fresh carpets, sanitized desks and other surfaces - staff engagement is likely to heighten and, as a result, employee productivity will increase.

Beyond an improvement in the efficiency of each staff member, if your office regularly hosts potential clients, a cleaner, more welcoming environment is bound to affect their final decision on whether or not to invest in your company too. Without a somewhat fresh and hygienic reception and meeting room, clients and visitors are unlikely to perceive your business as very professional, consequently motivating them to go elsewhere.

Staff absenteeism because of increased sickness is also a problem for many businesses, costing UK businesses billions of pounds every year. However, if every office had better hygiene standards in place, they and their employees’ chances of contracting a virus would be significantly lowered. With this and all of the above in mind, it’s clear that office cleaning in Berkshire is entirely worthwhile!

Do You Need Office Cleaning In Berkshire?

We provide many establishments throughout Berkshire and the surrounding areas with expert office cleaning. Whether your carpet is in urgent need of an expert clean or you’re looking for routine cleaners that will ensure your office is sanitised every day, we offer many services that are sure to meet your specific requirements.

If you would like more information about office cleaning in Berkshire, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 7565494 or 07930 585530. Our blog also contains lots of advice and information too, so don’t forget to have a quick look!





 Visit Roboclean Berkshire, Bracknell on Yelp/Qype

"Just to say a huge THANK YOU for the excellent job you and your team have done on the pre-tenancy clean of my flat... I have worked for estate agents for over 20 years and can honestly say that this is the best standard of cleaning I have come across and your polite and efficient service is excellent value for money, I would highly recommend your company to all".

Sue Peters

Charvil, Reading 


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Last Minute Cleaning Deals!

Here’s something that maybe useful for both of us! Just the other day I was sitting at home checking my emails – as the client I should have been cleaning for had to postpone due to her child becoming ill – and I got an email from one of these ‘last minute’ travel agencies. It gave me a great idea!! You see I receive about 1 or 2 calls a month from clients that have postpone or reschedule their cleaning appointments, due to illness or other personal problems. I understand it happens sometimes, but it leaves me with a gap I can’t always fill these within 12 or 24 hours!

So here’s my idea! Send me an email and put in the subject line “Last Minute Cleaning” (just add your name, area and phone number in the message box) and as soon as I know I have a few hours available I’ll email you and offer you drastically discounted rates on my cleaning – this could be from 12 hours to 5 days notice!

I promise I’ll never forward your email on to another person or company and you may cancel at anytime!

So for great “Last Minute Deals” email me today at - 

and save money!


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