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"Just to say a huge THANK YOU for the excellent job you and your team have done on the pre-tenancy clean of my flat... I have worked for estate agents for over 20 years and can honestly say that this is the best standard of cleaning I have come across and your polite and efficient service is excellent value for money, I would highly recommend your company to all".

Sue Peters

Charvil, Reading 


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Last Minute Cleaning Deals!

Here’s something that maybe useful for both of us! Just the other day I was sitting at home checking my emails – as the client I should have been cleaning for had to postpone due to her child becoming ill – and I got an email from one of these ‘last minute’ travel agencies. It gave me a great idea!! You see I receive about 1 or 2 calls a month from clients that have postpone or reschedule their cleaning appointments, due to illness or other personal problems. I understand it happens sometimes, but it leaves me with a gap I can’t always fill these within 12 or 24 hours!

So here’s my idea! Send me an email and put in the subject line “Last Minute Cleaning” (just add your name, area and phone number in the message box) and as soon as I know I have a few hours available I’ll email you and offer you drastically discounted rates on my cleaning – this could be from 12 hours to 5 days notice!

I promise I’ll never forward your email on to another person or company and you may cancel at anytime!

So for great “Last Minute Deals” email me today at - 

and save money!

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Volume 6, Issue 7
Friday, 23:38 PM

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Do you sometimes get the feeling that the Carpet Cleaner is 'leaving something out?'
Have You ever had a cleaner race through your cleaning job, leaving you to wonder how he could have possibly gotten everything out?

Then find out more about my 12 Steps to a Throroughly Clean Carpets...


How To Clean a Spill This Christmas!

Click here

How to Clean Up a Spill

without Damaging Your Carpet (including fresh urine spots)




STEP 1:Coverspill with WHITE  napkin or paper towels.  DO NOT use colored paper! It might transfer onto the carpet. Be sure to use a THICK stack to absorb as much of the spot as possible.

STEP 2:Blot by stepping on stack of towels.


STEP 3:Apply Spotting Agent.Warning: Do not use spot removers that you get at the grocery store! They leave a sticky residue behind and may discolor your carpet. Get a Home Pro Spotter FREE from Clean As A Whistle. Ask us how.

Pet Spots:Only Use Pet Spotter on pet spots. Urine turns “alkaline” from being exposed to oxygen. Pet Spotter is designed to neutralize urine salts. *GET YOUR CARPET CLEANED AS SOON AFTER A PET SPOT AS POSSIBLE! Even when you do a great job cleaning the spot, urine salts can still be left behind which will discolor your textile and collect odor causing bacteria.Warning: Do NOT use over the counter spotters for urine. They are not designed to neutralize the urine salts.



STEP 4: REPEATSteps 1 and 2. If the spot does not come out, do NOT attempt any further action, as you may set the spot and/or damage your carpet.


Instead, call us immediately at 01344 238000. If it is after hours, keep it moist until morning by misting a little more solution or water. Leave a voice mail message and we will contact you immediately the next business day.



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