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Cleaning which tends to operate in off peak hours of a commercial property. The cleaning techniques used should comply with special health and safety standard of certain environments such as hospitals and restaurants and the standard of cleaning is very high which typically goes beyond what a person does in their own home.

An hourly rate falling within the rage of £15.00 to £30.00 per hour is usually charged by cleaning company’s as commercial properties come in different shapes and sizes and have specific cleaning requirements.

It is best practice for companies to use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Cleaning should meet all the specifications discussed in the initial meeting. For example:

  • Vacuum traffic areas throughout
  • Wipe Full clean all desks, key board
  • Staff Room – Clean tables/Chairs/ microwave/vacuum carpet
  • Check all desks in other areas for cup marks etc
  • All toilet areas to be cleaned and sanitised each evening Including: Stock 3 toilet rolls/TI/Air freshener/box of tissues/hand towels/soap dispensers
  • Kitchen to be cleaned and sanitised each evening Including: Clean J cloth each
  • day/centre feed towel (If needed)
  • Empty Dishwasher if cycle has finished
  • All bins are to be emptied daily
  • Entrance and stairs – Vacuum, clean fingerprints off glass panels

Commercial cleaning contracts cover a 12-month period.

Contact your current provider and give notice of termination. A notice period may need to be served before termination depending on the agreement terms you have in place.

If it agreed that the cleaning will commence outside business hours, you will need to provide your cleaner with a key and alarm code order for them to access the premises

Robocleaning services operates from 8am to7pm Monday to Friday, Sunday 10am to 5pm and closed on Saturday.

Commercial cleaning businesses usually operate from Monday to Friday; however, cleaning over the weekend can be arranged depending on the flexibility of your business.

Robocleaning services can arrange for cleaning to take place on bank holidays however this usually depends on the flexibility of the business you will be contracting.

The duration of the clean depends on the size of the premises and the depth of the clean required. This should be discussed in the initial meeting.

Robocleaning services has been operating for over 10 years in the commercial cleaning industry.

Businesses who own or rent a commercial premise which is used daily there will be a need for cleaning services.

A good cleaning service will produce a hygienic and astatically pleasing working environment for clients and staff. Regular professional cleaning can dramatically reduce the level of germs and can also stop the spread of germs in your premises which will reduce staff sickness.

Commercial cleaning companies should have a line of communication for clients to contact should they have any concerns about the service that is being provided to them.

A communication book should be supplied by the commercial cleaner to take note of any concerns and additional cleaning requirements

It would be necessary for customers to provide cleaners with a set of keys to the premises as the cleaning will take place outside business hours.

The hours required will usually depend the depth of the cleaning required in the property. This should be discussed in the initial meeting.

A Reputable commercial cleaning should be able to supply their own cleaning equipment.

An initial meeting should set out the scope of cleaning required once agreed the service should be carried out.

This requirement should be communicated and with the cleaning provider as this will depend on their flexibility.

To maintain consistency, it would best practice to allocate the same cleaner each night.